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L2 Home Screen Kafe Leopold Home Page

L2 Lounge & Kafe Leopold



The two website designs were created in 2006 for the Georgetown restauarants: L2 Lounge and Kafe Leopold.

Both restaurants wanted cutting edge design and technology. We developed flash-based designs that take advantage of flash animation.

While today the technology used in the development of these sites may seem out of date, the designs and concepts still hold up well.


L2 Lounge:

The L2 Lounge needed a website that would represent its young, elite and exclusive clientele.

The edgy lounge required a modern design that could highlight images of the hip bar and intimate meeting spaces. Also, the site needed to display all the lengthy membership information and various programs.

We used black to set off the brand green, animated white lines to compliment the logo design and a block layout that organizes information into digestible bits.



Kafe Leopolds:

This Georgetown main-stay needed to update their website presence to incorporate new images of their stunning food.

We started with a central column that focuses on fading rotating images. We then used animated "wings" that "unfold" on either side to display the menus. The animation, along with the paged menus, mirrors the in-person experience of ordering each item a la Carte in true Kafe Leopold's fashion.

Project Overview:

Visual Design, Information Architecture, User Experience and Flash Development/ Action Script
Flash websites for restaurants