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OmniStudio and Z2 Systems needed a prototype site to show off their NEON CRM platform. We designed a site for a fake organization, called I.D.E.A (International Design Education Association), which could be used as a tutorial and presentation piece.

We based our design decisions off of our extensive experience with member-based non-profit organizations and used inspirations from text-heavy print design.

We added interest to lengthy blog entries by accentuating the headlines, floating the images into the sidebar and creating interesting call outs.

Project Overview:

Visual Design, Homepage Feature Slides, CRM Integration, Information Architecture and Logo Design
B2B prototype CRM database, integrated with NEON CRM and WordPress
OmniStudioDesigned and Developed in collaboration with OmniStudio, Washington DC
IDEA Homepage Feature Slide IDEA Homepage Feature Slide IDEA Homepage Feature Slide


At the bottom of every page we put a javascript slider utility that loads the most recent thumbnails from the fictional student gallery.

This utility was designed to guide the users' experience towards examples of the NEON CRM's most usable and visible attributes.

IDEA Student Gallery Page


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