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Sewall Belmont House and Museum



The client needed a mobile iPad and iPhone App that could function as a digital tour for museum goers.

The App highlights museum items by giving users different routes to browse through the collections.

The design focused on highlighting images from the collections and keeping the navigation and layout simple.

Project Overview:

iPhone and iPad CONTRIBUTIONS:
Visual Design, Motion Design, Information Architecture and Icon Design
Mobile App Design
CitrrusApp development by Citrrus, Washington DC OmniStudioDesigned in collaboration with OmniStudio, Washington DC Sewall Belmont logo
Sewall Belmont App Icon

Icon Design


The App icon for iPhone and iPad was taken from a detail of the striking stain glass window perched above the house's entry way.

Sewall Belmont stain glass widnow

The stunning window lent itself well to becoming the icon of the institution and, with a few touches, shines like a jewel.

The stain glass window was also used as the splash screen for both the iPhone and iPad App.

Sewall Belmon App screen shotSewall Belmont iPhone screens