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The Product and Design teams had collaborated to develop a strong analytics section on a contact's profile page, based on location, market position and industry. We worked hard to make sure we were giving the user an interesting story around each data point, including historical and competitor data.

However, when we started showing it to real clients, over and over again all we heard was that they didn't care about those three data points. "I guess that is interesting information," they would say. "But, I usually already know all that before I get here. What I really need is..."

We were flabbergasted! We had naturally assumed that users used those profiles to analyze and identify potential investors, but we learned a very different and much more valuable story as we listened to them.

The user testing, that we thought would be a quick validation of our great new layout, instead turned into a full research campaign, focused on the real (not assumed) potential investor targeting process.

We didn't hesitate to scrap all our work, reorganize the layout and use all the great information we learned about targeting to enrich the Targeting Analytics througout the product.

I learned a valuable lesson from that experience: challenge your assumptions, always validate and listen to the whole story users are telling you - they might tell you something more important theyn you expected.

Project Overview:

Layout Design, User Testing and Research Campaign, HTML Prototype build (HTML, CSS, JQuery, etc)
Nasdaq, Inc logoDesigned and Developed with NASDAQ's award winning product team, NYC Prodaq logo
Product Design and Prototype
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Nasdaq Profiles Sketch