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The American Youth Policy Forum needed a new website that could explain, showcase and most of all inform the public of its expanding resources and programs. With over 100 programs and thousands of informative resources in their database, it was a challenge to organize their catalog into a understandable and searchable tool.

We used three techniques to make the complex database navigable for users and administrators:
1- A robust taxonomy that uses a system of categories and tags to clearly and easily classify each program and resource into browsable and searchable program areas.
2- A search tool that allows for both quick search and advanced search - giving the user the control over finding what they need.
3- Clearly and overtly stating the non-profit's mission and function on the homepage, making it clear to the user what AYPF has to offer them.

Project Overview:

User Experience Design: Wireframes, Information Architecture, User Work Flows
WordPress Website
OmniStudioDesigned and developed in collaboration with OmniStudio, Washington DC
ASHA logoVisual design by Social Driver, Washington, DC


American Youth Policy Forum Landing PageThe Taxonomy

We used a categorizing system to organize the organization's many programs.

Administrators can easily tag new programs with click of a button and users and browse or search directly for the program that best suits them.

We designed a straight forward landing page to house the main program areas, giving an overview of the information before the user to plunges deeper into the information they are looking for.


American Youth Policy Forum Landing PageThe Search Tool

The advanced search tool automatically and dynamically loads the search results as the user chooses them, allowing the user to refine their search as they go.

We created pre-set search options to streamline back-end processes and keep the user focused on AYPF's real offerings.

Allowing the user to search By Program, By Date or By Type gives the user control over their own search process and results.

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