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Interactive Design:
Website Design, App Design, Banner Design, Responsive Design, User Experience and Information Architecture
Graphic Design:
Print Design, Branding and Identity Design



Adobe Creative Suite, Flash ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0, DreamWeaver
WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery
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I have 15 years interactive design experience, mostly focused on website design, but I have also expanded into flash development, print design and interior design.

Most recently I was senior web designer at OmniStudio in Washington, DC. My responsibilities there included visual design, information architecture, overall user experience and project management. I was responsible for managing other designers and developers, developing and presenting concepts to clients and continuing to interface with them throughout the whole project.

Niki Nichols Kruje, Albania

Aside from extensive experience in interactive design, I have experience in print design, identity design, interior design and furniture design. I find that culturing myself in all aspects of art and design help strengthen my skills as a designer and leader.

I have also strengthened my design skills through analyzing fine art, film, literature and the performing arts. I think that the basic elements of design (ex: focusing your audience where you want, developing relevance and communicating clearly and directly) can be seen in the works of the masters of all art forms.

I began traveling early in life and still enjoy exploring the world. Some of my favorite places have been Hungary (where I lived for 2 years and learned the language) and Albania (the above picture is in Kruje, Albania). I think my travels have also influenced my design, as I have gleaned useful ideas and styles from different cultures.